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Australian Open: Djokovic beats Medvedev to win 18th Grand Slam title

2021-03-10 16:51
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Beijing time on February 21, 2021 grand slam tennis Australia open ended, in the last game in the men's singles final, the defending champion novak djokovic strong, 7-5/6-2/6-2 three straight set victory over no. 4 seed Dmitry medvedev, djokovic ninth won the Australian open men's singles champion, is also a djokovic career grand slam crown 18.

Australian Open: Djokovic wins 18th career Grand Slam title with 3-0 victory over Dmitry Medvedev

Australian Open: Djokovic beats Medvedev to win 18th Grand Slam title

Djokovic is the Australian open title, check this event the first two rounds in a row and DiYaFu, the third round a torn abdominal muscle, play the full five narrowly fritz, injury under DE about once going to out of the race, and then make a decision after combat wounded back gradually, winning streak rao niki, small peacekeeping Carla mining, ninth career reached the final. Djokovic's opponent in the final will be Medvedev, who at the end of last season in Paris began to break out, the Australian Open before the first wave of 14 consecutive wins in Paris, the final and ATP Cup three titles, the Australian Open continued to beat Lublev semi-final beat Sisipas, the cross-season winning streak reached 20 matches.

The two men have met seven times before, with Djokovic holding a narrow 4-3 advantage. They met in the group stage of last year's final when Medvedev won in straight sets. Djokovic will be aiming for his ninth Australian Open title and his 18th career Grand Slam title, extending his unbeaten run in Australian Open finals. Medvedev this field will fight individual career grand slam first crown, the victory will be a new generation of players grand slam men's singles for the second time to hold the cup.

First set: Deyo set at the end of the force 7-5 to win the first set

The first competition, the first to serve DE about an ACE ball was start, then complete break easily, Mr Medvedev's first serve slightly nervous, is taken out after mistakes in forehand netting sent 15 to 40 break points in a row, medvedev about high quality hair by backhand out break, DE about since then and then completed a lovegame hair a 3-0 lead. The fourth Deyue connected to the second service attack to win the first point, after Medvedev withstood the pressure, improve the quality of service to complete the final for the first time.

Fifth game Medvedev in the Deyue serve to launch an impact, Deyue is hitting the backslash after hanging net and in more than pats in the stalemate put short fault sent break point, after Medvedev bottom line continuously pick high ball, Deyue high pressure spike fault suffered back to break, then Medvedev protect hair 3-3 even. Since then their first Deyue 6-5 lead, Medvedev must protect the next service, before the net back to smash net Deyue back through to get 40-0 break points, Medvedev even saved two break points, is the fault to hang net lost this set, Deyue 7-5 break to win the first set. In the first 42 minutes of the set, Deyo scored seven points from seven times on the net, while Medvedev hit five ACES and dominated the first serve, both hitting 12 winning points.

Second set: Medvedev missed the first break advantage Deyue 6-2 to win a set

Second set match, the first serve of the first Deyue 30-30 flat, after the back out of the circle to send a break point, Medvedev bottom line high quality back to the ball, Deyue backbeat again faults suffered break. Second game Deyue quickly launched a counterattack, 30-30 flat after receiving pressure line Medvedev reaction can not send out a break point, after Medvedev back to the ball out of shallow, Deyue back to beat straight line winning points to complete the break, the score came to 1-1. Deyo has since continued to improve the state, after the third set in the fourth set to win a 24-beat stalemate opening, after Medvedev is taking out to send a break point, another backhand error lost this set, Deyo continued to serve 4-1 lead.

Medvedev lost four games, the sixth game finally completed the service, in the seventh game Medvedev tried to counterattack, the score after 40-40, Deyue continuous service score to complete the service, Medvedev angry fell racket received a warning. 5-2 next Medvedev must be guaranteed to serve, double fault after the ball back out of the bound to send a break point, Medvedev resolved a break point, Deyue high quality receiving to complete the break, 6-2 Deyue won the second set, the total points 2-0 lead. This dish Medvedev sent two double fault, DE about a success rate are 72% overall beyond the opponent, DE about 5 times to the Internet 4 times score is still playing more active.

The third set: Medvedev military defeat like a mountain to win 6-2

The third set of the game, the first serve Deyue two double fault to send a consecutive break point, Medvedev still could not get rid of the sluggish state, Deyue then even save the break point to complete the service. Second Medvedev serves the state to slide larger, appear twice double fault to send break point, then the net before the simple volley fault to lose this 0-2 lag, Deyue continued to complete the score to serve 3-0 lead.

Medvedev since the state of a slight rebound, two consecutive completion of the service, but always unable to impact the Deyue serve, the seventh game in the score once forced out 30-30 even, after the Deyue consecutive win more pats the stalwart score, the score came to 5-2 lead. Next Medvedev must be guaranteed to serve in the game, is the fault to send a break point is match point, Deyue then came to the net back in the high pressure hook to complete the break, 6-2 win the third set.

In the end, defending champion Djokovic continued his Australian Open strength, defeating Medvedev 7-5/6-2/6-2 in straight sets to win the Australian Open men's singles title for the ninth time. The whole game took 1 time 53 minutes, the game Deyue completed 3 ACE ball 2 double faults, Medvedev is 6 ACE ball 4 double faults, Deyue first success rate 67% first scoring rate 73%, Medvedev first success rate 64% first scoring rate 69%. The winning points on Medvedev 24-20 slight advantage, unforced error Deyo 17-30 far below the opponent. Break link, Medvedev 4 break point to complete 2 times break, Deyue is 11 break point 7 times break.

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