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Federer plays at the Madrid Masters and the Big Three meet again on clay

2021-04-08 12:06
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Federer plays at the Madrid Masters and the Big Three meet again on clayRoger Federer will play at the Madrid Masters, along with Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and other top players. For the Big Three, it was the first time in 14 months that they had played together in the same tournament since last year's Australian Open.

Federer plays at the Madrid Masters and the Big Three meet again on clay

It has been more than a year since last season, when the Big Three began working on different schedules due to injuries and other issues, so they haven't played in the same event. Djoe and Nadal, for example, will play at the Monte Carlo Masters next week, with Nadal leading the ATP500 in Barcelona later this month, while Federer is taking time off after a brief return to action in Doha in March.

If none of the Big Three reneges, the Madrid Masters in a month's time will be the first time they have played together in 14 months. Earlier, Federer said in an interview that he will be back in the clay court season. "Before the grass season is the clay court season, so I can only play on the clay court. I don't think it's a bad thing, I think I'll play some clay court."

Djos coach Ivanisevic also said that in order to better prepare for the French Open, his students will choose some clay court matches to warm up. "I'd rather see him at 100 percent going into the clay-court season and trying to win the French Open again." The defending champion of the Madrid Masters and triple champion of the tournament is not giving up the chance to play this year.

In addition to defending champion Djokovic, domestic star and five-time champion Rafael Nadal will also be in contention for the title. With the most titles in tournament history, the "King of Clay" certainly won't miss the French Open warm-up tournament in his home country.

As for the Big Three, they chose to play the Madrid Masters because the tournament is played on the same clay as the French Open. As a result, this warm-up will help them get used to the French Open more quickly.

In addition to technical and tactical reasons, personal honors and other reasons to enter the race, 2019's tournament director, currently ranked 64th in the world F- Lopez of Spain is also one of the reasons to promote the "reunion" of the big three. Favorite in the tennis world he, and Federer, compatriot Nadal, such as intimate friends. As tournament director, Lopez not only wants the trio to travel to Madrid together to warm up for the French Open, but also wants to use the opportunity to regain the tournament's appeal.

The clay court event was initially postponed last year due to the outbreak of the disease, but was eventually cancelled because the disease in Europe did not improve. If this year's Masters can use the clout of the Big Three to gain some presence, it will also be good for the organising committee.

For the three giants, in addition to the titans of contention, there are also including the world's second Medvedev, former US Open runner-up Tim, German young Zverev, etc., the world's top 10 players will also participate. As a warm-up for the French Open, the players will be doing their best to ensure their fitness and to play against the top players.

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