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Barcelona tennis final: Rafael Nadal VS Sisipas

2021-04-25 11:47
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Nadal and Sisipas will face off in the final of the 2021 ATP500 series in Barcelona. In the upcoming match, Nadal and Sisipas will meet for the ninth time in his career, in the previous eight meetings, Nadal briefly hold a 6-2 lead.

Barcelona tennis final: Rafael Nadal VS Sisipas

Rafael nadal in the tennis match in Barcelona this year draws good, on the way to reaching the final of men's singles he defeated the Eva shi card in turn, brocade weaving guerra, Enoch, booth tower, etc, then cc pass let muna, pandemic, and ali SIMS, cinnamon, and so on one batch of hot young players to be defeated by his, and in the four games after the end of the him a plate of lost, The state is amazing.

In Barcelona, Sisipas will continue his quest for his first ATP500 title after winning a career ATP Masters Series title at the Monte Carlo Masters last week.

Sisipas has reached six ATP500 finals without winning the title, and Nadal is the first Barcelona player to win 11 titles in the tournament's history, so this year's event could be seen as a clash between "zero" and "11".

It's worth noting that Sisipas's first ATP Tour final came during the 2018 season in Barcelona, where he lost to Rafael Nadal, so this year's final in Barcelona is a replay of that same event.

Who is better than Sisipas with 0 titles versus Nadal with 11? Nadal, who has struggled since the start of the clay-court season, barely made it to his first men's singles final of the season after years of solid clay experience. Cc pass is clay court season since the start of this year one of the most popular player, he has won the last nine games in a row, and he has not lost a plate of the nine games, compared to 18 years in the men's singles final, today's cc pass has clearly changed, this year's tennis men's singles final in Barcelona, for he would be a good opportunity, But the king of clay is certainly not going to give up his match easily.

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