Youth carnival shines light on Rolex Masters

 Young players can exchange skills with each other on temporary courts set up at LuOne shopping mall during the youth tennis carnival.


A nine-day youth tennis carnival is being held at LuOne shopping mall in Huangpu District as a promotional activity for the upcoming 2019 Rolex Shanghai Masters.


This year’s ATP 1000 Shanghai Masters is scheduled for October 5-13 at Qizhong Tennis Center in suburban Minhang District and will, as always, bring together the world’s top male players.


The carnival, during which a “little masters training camp” for children aged between five and 18 is being organized, aims at preparing local residents for the annual tennis tournament. Young players can exchange skills with each other on temporary courts set up at the mall. Their parents are also invited to take part in tennis-themed games with the children.


The three young players with the best performance during the camp will get an opportunity to interact with the world’s top players at the Shanghai Masters.



During the carnival, a selection for ball boys and ball girls to serve at the October tournament will also be organized. Youngsters aged between 12 and 18 will be tested for their language skills, reaction speed and tennis knowledge.


A total of 20 ball boys and girls will be selected; they will then receive further training provided by the Shanghai Tennis Association before taking up their duties.


Pictures and videos of previous editions of the Rolex Shanghai Masters, as well as the winning trophy have been put on show during the carnival, which ends on September 1.


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