Shanghai Rolex Masters

Hello, Where & How can I exchange(pick up) our ticket ?I don'thave anythe notice( which was sent to mobile or email box).I have onlymyorder mail.Order: #8638388 placed on 2019-07-29 05:44:53

Hi, we cannot find your order #8638388, please confirm which web site do you buy from.
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Shanghai Rolex Masters ATP1000 Tickets

Venue: ShanghaiQizhong Tennis Center
Address: 5500 Yuanjiang Road, Minhang District
Price: ¥130 - 5860
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Tel: 400-021-2797


I want to pick up the tickets in your office, but where is your office?
Hi, here is our office address: 上海市静安区乌鲁木齐北路211号, also you can find this at the bottom of the web site. Thanks for your trust.
Dear All,in April I bought the tickets on your website and my Bank sent me a confirmation that the order is fully paid and money debited from my account.on the website, in my account also had information confirming my order and that a ticket I can print a few weeks before the I checked the information on the website and I was unpleasantly surprised that my order is still waiting payment, but I already paid!Please confirm that my tickets are purchased?And how can I get a ticket? will it be enough to get a ticket by email and print it?Thank you in advance,
Hi, please send the copy of the payment receipt to, so that we can check for you.
Hello, I has placed my ticket order on Saturday, order number 1810074423 ; email, however I have not gotten an email for confirmation of the order.can you please check the order and send email confirmation. Once I get that I will call up my hotel and hopefully you can ship tickets to them.
Hi, you will get an email notice for pick up before October 12.
What are the dates for the 2015 shanghai masters tournament? You have tickets for sale Oct. 4-Oct. 11.The ATP calendar gives date of tournamant Oct. 12-Oct 18.
Hi, this date is not final, maybe changed after. Now the tickets are for pre-order.
Hi, I bought the ticket today , when I expect receive it?
Hi, it will be shipped after Oct 7.
I ordered tickets on 9/15/15.I have not yet received them.Emails get returned and no one I call in Shanghai speaks enlist.Can someone please email me at so I can make arrangements for my tickets before I come to Shanghai?
Hi, we checked your order, one received and one returning to Shanghai. If we received the returned package, we'll let you know and you can pick up in Shanghai.
Now can we book the 2015 ATP tickets?
Hi, you can book the ATP tickets through the web site: now.
Have you confirmed the date of the tournament yet?
Hi, it was almost confirmed.
I want to buy a ticket A+, for Oct. 15th, with this ticketcan I see all matches? 14.00, 16:30 and 20.00 hr?
Hi, yes, one ticket is for all matches on the day.