The Tennis Knowledge: Four Open

Top tennis events than there are known as the four Grand Slams at the Australian Open, French open, Wimbledon and the u.s. open. These high standard of tennis tournaments, also makes numerous top players to participate in tennis, wonderful event is another category that simply cannot be compared. However, Shanghai ATP1000 masters as Asia's only ATP event at the highest level, in the men's singles tournament and the Grand Slam is the 2014 season Shanghai Masters champion said the Druids, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray all entry.


Australia Open tennis tournament (Australian Open)

Australia tennis open is one of the four Grand Slam events, also first appeared a year for the four Grand Slam events, usually begins in the last two weeks of January in Australia Melbourne. Australia open since its inception in 1905, it has been through more than 100 years of history. However, compared with the three other four Grand Slam events, the Australian Open is one of the youngest. Events currently Australia tennis (Tennis Australia) host.


France Tennis Open (Roland Garros)

France tennis tournament, usually held each year from May to June, a year after Australia after a tennis tournament, ahead of the second Grand Slam tournament. France open every game uses the 5 Disc 3 wins out of business and the golf course belonging to the slow clay courts, conducive to the bottom line of confrontation, so game play 4 hours is not uncommon. In this Court, spend such a long time to play a game, players with superior technologies and amazing willpower to just go, is very challenging.


Wimbledon (Wimbledon The Championship)

Wimbledon Tennis Championships is the first game in the history of modern tennis, from the all England Club and United Kingdom was founded in 1877 by the Lawn Tennis Association. First official match at the Club is located in the southwest corner of London's Wimbledon headquarters, named "the all England Lawn Tennis Championships". Two reforms in 1922, and is built to accommodate 15,000 spectators on Centre Court, and the other is abolished "challenge" from this year to qualify for the champions, men must play from the first round, winning 7 races, women have to win 6 games. 1968 ITF agreed that professional athletes to participate in the competition, but organizers have raised huge sums of money to attract world class athletes to participate, so the competitive level increased. Therefore, the elites during the game, players gathered, competition is very fierce, and it embodies the highest levels of tennis technology and trends. By the end of 2014, the Wimbledon Tennis tournament, 128 have been held, due to world war two suspended for 10 of them, from the 1877 season, counting, and has been for hundreds of years of history.


United States Tennis Open (US OPEN):

United States Open tennis tournament, which follows only the Wimbledon Tennis tournament, it was founded in 1881, the United States open the games was conducted in 1881 at the Newport Casino, now home to the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Only domestic competitions, and only the men's singles. The women's tournament began in 1887. Between late August and early September of each year, in the United States New York game. In 1968 was listed as one of four major championships, consists of 5 individual competitions, is held every last four open championships. Because United States Tennis position and bonuses, as well as medium-speed hard court, attracting a large number of athletes to participate. United States open Wimbledon effect though, is higher than Australia and even France open.

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