Shanghai Rolex Masters 2015 Calendar to Determine

2015 Shanghai Rolex Masters tournament will be held October 12-18th at Shanghai qizhong Tennis Center, official website of the Shanghai Rolex masters have begun to embrace 2015 Shanghai Tennis Masters Cup ticket booking, 2015 Shanghai Tennis Masters Cup ticket prices remained the same as in previous years, ranging from 160 to 180000 dollars.

Shanghai Rolex masters ATP1000 masters level, is the ATP (Association of tennis professionals) tournaments highest ranking tournaments, second only to the four Grand Slam.

"ATP1000" events of predecessor for ATP master series game (ATP Masters Series), belongs to ATP (men career tennis athletes Association) events, system established Yu 1990, is annually series in world different city held of 9 a ATP events, held to respectively for: printed subsection Ann wells, and Miami, and Monte Carlo, and Rome, and Hamburg, and Canada (Montreal or Toronto), and Cincinnati, and Madrid and Paris.

Since 2009, the eight stations instead of the nine ATP Masters, and renamed "ATP1000" events, these eight races respectively, Indian Wells, Miami, Rome, Madrid, Cincinnati, Canada, Shanghai and Paris.

Every Masters winner can win 1000 world ranking points, the world of the top 45 players will automatically receive regular qualifying, world top 20 player must participate. In the absence of ATP-approved independent certifying medical institutions circumstances, if out of the race are not only the top 20 players will lose some ATP for their sets of special bonuses, will also be deprived of last year's best in one-stop qualify for the masters. Former Monte Carlo masters will remain "1000 event" treatment, that is, have the same "1000" race points, but does not enforce the top players to participate. Therefore, the ATP has a total of 9 all year round to "1000" events, 8 mandatory participation in international tournaments and one chosen to participate in competitions organized the "8+1" event system.

In 2009, Shanghai will usher in a new start – master series. It was settled in Asia 1000 masters series for the first time, becoming one of the eight masters series ATP tournament, the city will have more than 80 of the world's top player, 99 games during the 9 days, 56 check will compete for the $ 4 million prize main draw match!

Outside of Europe and North America is the sole owner of Shanghai ATP1000 masters of the city. In order to ensure the quality of the Shanghai Grand Prix, ATP restructured its competition schedule this season, with Shanghai ATP1000 masters as coordinates, pre arrangements with Thailand Bangkok, Beijing, China, Japan, Tokyo, three races as a warm-up, together form the men's professional tennis "season in Asia".

As the highest level of competition in Asia, in Shanghai for Asia as a whole season to play the most beautiful chapters. Shanghai ATP1000 masters is the penultimate major tournament of the year, each tennis player competing for seats in the year-end finals November has a vital role, will greatly stimulate the various players passion for the competition and the standard of play, will contribute to Chinese audience showing the highest level of men's tennis.

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