Tennis Education III: Field Classification of the Categories

Tennis courts can be divided into outdoor and indoor, and has a variety of court surfaces. It will be determined by economic factors. Outdoor venues such as lawn tennis is the most basic, but its establishment and maintenance costs were too expensive, so now to be replaced by Astroturf, it's cheaper easier maintenance. There is another on the clay courts of Europe, France open for such courses. More modern venues belonging to hard courts, Shanghai ATP1000 masters tennis venue this is the golf course.


Grass field

Grass Court is one of the oldest and most traditional means space. Characterized by friction with the ground when the ball is small, fast rebound speed of the ball, and run on player reactions, agility, speed and skill requirements are very high. Therefore, the grass has often been considered "offensive tennis" dominated by volleying a ball, with the storm tactics for Internet access and other Internet was almost as a magic weapon for winning on the grass tennis courts, the bottom line-type player you could not accomplish on the grass tennis court. However, due to the characteristics of grass pitches on grass, very high specification, together with climatic constraints and maintenance costs, it is difficult to be extended to all over the world. Every year a few grass almost all professional tennis tournament was held in the British Isles, and full time in June or July, is one of the oldest and most prestigious of the Wimbledon championship.


Carpet farm

As its name suggests, this is a "portable" can rolled up of tennis field, its surface is plastic surface layer, and nylon woven surface layer,, General with specifically of glue stick received Yu has must strength and hardness of asphalt, and cement, and concrete late base of ground Shang can, some even can directly spreading or stick received Yu any has support force of ground Shang, its Pu volume convenient, and for transport and has very strong of adaptability, indoor outdoor even roof are can used. Ball's velocity depends on surface flatness and roughness on the surface of the carpet and decide. On the maintenance of such venues is also very simple, as long as you keep floors clean, not damaged, not water (with the appropriate drainage facilities) is OK.


Clay courts

Is more accurate in "soft pitch", which are typical of clay courts of France Open tennis tournament. In addition, the common variety of sand, mud, etc are referred to as soft ground. This site is characterized by greater friction with the ground when the ball, ball speed is slower, players on the run, especially in emergency stop quick return there will be a lot of room to slide, which determines that a player must have better than in other venues of fitness, ability to run and move and indomitable willpower. In this game on the site to the player's bottom line stalemate Kung Fu is a great challenge, players generally have to pay several times more than sweat and patience in line with opponents, winning more often than not play aggressive volleying players, but in the bottom line of plain living and hard struggle.


Hard field

Most modern games are carried out on the hard court tennis courts, is the most common, the most common type of venue. Hard tennis court usually formed by concrete and asphalt paving, which is coated with red and green plastic surface, surface roughness, hardness, ball bounce very regularly, but the ball rebounded quickly. A lot of good tennis players think, hard tennis more "explosive", and dominated tennis hard courts, must pay extra attention to. Note hard as other texture sites good elasticity, surface reaction is strong and stiff, so easy to cause damage to the player, and that such damage has made a lot of good tennis players pay a very high price.

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