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Tennis Education II: Greens and Serve Points

2015-01-15 12:07
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Tennis is across the net, beat hollow rubber ball with a racket sport. Tennis originated from United Kingdom, high society was first popular in English-speaking countries. Tennis-singles and doubles. Table tennis originated in tennis.


Tennis is a sport now, suited to all social strata and age groups. Game of tennis have hardly changed since 1920. Tennis is very impressive number of viewers, tennis's four Grand Slam events of particular concern, while Shanghai ATP1000 masters bonuses among the highest level event of its kind, very close to the Grand Slam level.



Tennis played on a rectangular site. Drawing lines with a white line on the tennis court. Standard length of the tennis courts is 23.77 meters (78 feet). Singles competition Stadium width as 8.23 m (27 ft), doubles is 10.97 meters (36 feet). Left and right sides of the pitch line is appropriately called "the singles sideline" or "doubles". White lines at each end of the pitch is known as "bottom line". Two, short of the point of the middle of the bottom line. Leave space around the pitch.


Parallel to the net and from the baseline, and across the golf course, the course is divided into two equal parts, so the net bottom line with two branches of 11.89 m (39 ft). Weighing in on both sides of the mesh of the net post. Post Center in the doubles sidelines 91.4 cm (3 feet). Height at the net post to 1.07 m (3 feet 6 inches), the height of the middle of the Court was 91.4 cm (3 feet). Mesh side with white cloth sewn at the top of the net.


There are two service lines on the Court, divided into the tee. Service line parallel to the baseline and the net from net 6.40 m (21 ft), two connections to the singles sideline. Centre mark parallel to the sideline, starting from the middle of the net, up to the service line. Tennis four respective service area boundaries for the net, one of the singles sideline, a serving line and Centre mark.


Site materials can be divided into three kinds: grass, clay and hard court. Different venues featuring different types of ball speed and bounce. Hard-there are many different kinds, from the old concrete, Interior wooden floors into the Astroturf artificial turf. Clay is considered a slow site, relatively high because the ball bounced slowly, makes it impossible for players is not easy to hit a return ball. On clay courts, outlet's decision is relatively easy, because traces of tennis on a clay court surface. Hard court and grass is considered a quick site, ball speed, end of rally, so the ball short, powerful, powerful serve player has an advantage. In the four Grand Slam events, Australian Open and us open hard (was originally a grass), the Roland Garros clay court, Wimbledon is grass.



Contestants stand on either side of the net, one (or a set of) players for the server, and another (or a group) is a catcher. Serve right after the end of a game.


The server must stand behind the end line, as well as in the territories at any point between the points and edges. Catcher you can choose any point stood behind the net, usually standing diagonally across the server. Catchers signal ready, the server begins serving. Serve, the player should toss the ball with his hand in the air in any direction (up), then hit the ball with the ball before the ball lands. If the players are not satisfied with the tossing action, can make the ball comfortably landing, and then start all over again. But if the player hit the ball with the ball moves but did not hit the ball, it is taken as a serving fault.


Serve-hand throughout the process, both feet should not deviate from the initial position. Server's feet leave the ground, but not to walk or run, which is designed to prevent deliberate misleading that ball goes. Break the rules, or feet away from areas too large, may constitute a violation.


In the right service Court, sent the ball over the net (but not touching the net), and landed in any of the diagonal on the other side of the net tee. If the ball touches the net but still lag in diagonal tee, it constitutes a net should let (but not recorded as serving fault). If the ball is caught, didn't NET before landing, landing before touching any object other than net or do not fall on the diagonal tee, is a serve error. After her first serve server can send it again, but if it still errors, the opponent gets a point.


Serve after the success of catcher back. Players before the ball rebound twice hit the ball with the ball, the ball across the net and hit the other side of the Court by any point, or we lost a point.


Players before the ball rebounded the ball, is still valid. But touching the net, balls, with a bat, prior to the ball crossing the net outside of any object ball, deliberately shot two other acts will result in lost points. In the doubles, after the serve and hit back for the first time, any one partner in any round can be shot, but not at the same time hitting.



A tennis match generally consists of between one and five-set matches, and generally score games of each set. Lead won the required number of players to win the plate, first winning a specified number of sets of players to win the game.



A game with only one player serve, first to win at least 4 points and opponent for at least 2 more points wins a game. In a game, every time two tee tee must be at the half in turns, each Council should serve for the first time started with the right.


Tennis game scoring method is very special, from 0 to 3 points respectively for "zero" (love), "ten five" (fifteen) and "30" (thirty) and "40" (forty). When scoring, scored in the top of the server. So "30:0" means that server win 2 points, while catcher hasn't scored.


When both contestants got 3 points, usually called "tie" (Deuce) rather than "40:40". After a draw in a player scores a point, called the "head start" (advantage) rather than scoring. If in the case of head start losing a point back into the draw if has one more point, wins the game. The server take precedence, or 2 points or more in leading cases, referred to as holding "Board" [If you win this game and then you can win a set and could be described as "inventory" (set point), will win the game is called "match point" (match point)]. If the catcher is in a similar situation, referred to as holding "break points" (break point).


Before serving, the match referee should be orally reported the score of the game. In a game without referees, the server should be reported.



Composed by more than one game of the a, when one or a group of players after the innings had obtained the required conditions, a bowl game. Players in each odd-numbered Board after the exchange of venues. A plate of mixed number score is expressed as a regular series. By the referee before each game to give the score of the game.


Traditionally, the first 6 innings victories and leads at least 2 players to win the plate. But now the more common method of scoring is that when both sides in a pan a 6:6 usually, there will be a special Council of "the Decider", also known as the "seven-snatch". To a tiebreak win player Office: 7:6 to win the plate. Other times, in 5 games if the two sides in the final set to a 6:6, there is no tiebreaker, while using the traditional way until one side won 2 in a row after winning the match until the end of the Board.


In the final game, scoring using normal array indicating, first 7 points and leading opponent of at least 2 players win. Tiebreaker on serve right at the start of a game of catcher. The players in their own right, Tee Ball, then give opponents the right to serve. Opponents then had two chances to serve after every serve-turn right twice. Every 6 minutes after the two sides Exchange site.



Comprising more than most of the competition by competition, and the total number is usually in the singular. Men's singles 5-disc, the first to win 3 disc player won, while other games generally have 3, 2 lead to win the player wins.


Serve each game turn, not the beginning or the end of a set. Final count as a game.


Game score can give only the total number of scores (for example, 3-1, Victor won 3, losers win 1 disc) also lists all of the score of the innings, but must first make a list of the winners of the score. For example, 7-5, 6-7 (4) 6-4 7-6 (6) is used in the latter way of keeping score, said the winning party won the first, third, and fourth set victory, and the second and fourth set tiebreak winner. The figures in parentheses represent the losing side in the final scores obtained in, for example the second set tiebreak score is 4-7, and the fourth set tiebreak score is 8-6.

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