The event date and price are provisional and subject to confirmation, refund for any overpayment or a supplemental payment for any deficiency.

Ticket Hotline


  • Published: 17:55 Jul 13, 2016By 俄罗斯(46.188.121.*)
  • Q: Dear All,in April I bought the tickets on your website and my Bank sent me a confirmation that the order is fully paid and money debited from my account.on the website, in my account also had information confirming my order and that a ticket I can print a few weeks before the I checked the information on the website and I was unpleasantly surprised that my order is still waiting payment, but I already paid!Please confirm that my tickets are purchased?And how can I get a ticket? will it be enough to get a ticket by email and print it?Thank you in advance,
  • A: Hi, please send the copy of the payment receipt to, so that we can check for you.